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Sustainability & Renewable Energy

We have several sustainable and renewable energy projects that we are excited about.

The first is our construction of the first LEED Platinum home in WV. This home provides an example of how people can live in harmony with the environment. The home uses zero net energy, which means that it produces as much energy as it uses over the year. With approximately 12 kW of solar PV generation it completely offsets its energy use. This house supports several innovative ‘firsts’ for the area and other leading technologies, including a geothermal exchange heat pump, hot water recovery system,  waste heat recovery ventilators, recycled roofing materials and a vegetated roof. For more information on 12 Faith Meadows, follow the links below.


Introducing Pickering Energy Solutions

Second: we have always been interested in energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities, and in 2012 we jumped in and started our own renewable energy company, Pickering Energy Solutions. PES installs, operates and manages residential and commercial solar PV installations in West Virginia and Ohio. To date we have installed 14 systems; 8 in the US and 6 in Africa (Liberia).


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